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Google may harm your computer, according to Google

Running any search on, at the moment, including searching for “google” may come up with all results marked This site may harm your computer:

Google may harm your computer


Pictures from Ireland

I’ve started uploading the pictures from the Ireland trip Karen and me took on October (after I gave up on getting all the pictures arranged and labeled with Karen’s help). Look for them in the “October, 2008” album (you can access the gallery quickly using the big “Pictures” tab at the top).

Not everything has yet uploaded (less then half at this time) and what has went up may be out of order so take care when navigating through the photos. One reason to upload it now is that I’m going on reserves duty on Sunday and that is sure to generate a lot more new photographs – it seems that I only practice photography these days on two occasions: either when I’m abroad or in the army (which for some reason at least one of my coworkers keep confusing the two 🙂 ).

Updated: all the pictures were uploaded – a bit less then what I expected: after initial pruning we are at about 1400 pictures, and possibly there are still some redundant pictures that I need to remove. The pictures should be mostly in the correct order, except for the problem that we were using two cameras whose timestamps are a few hours off – so the Powershot pictures should always be after all of the Nikon pictures.

Chatting on the go, or UIQ Putty sucks

In continuation to my on-off love affair with smart phones (and after another one of my office coworkers fell prey to the dangers of the iPhone1 ), after I finally got my Nokia E90 charged – after it has been mostly off for the last two months or so, during which I found that the Ericsson P1i does about everything better then the E90, except SSH as I just can’t get the UIQ Putty to work and it doesn’t look like anyone is developing it anymore2, the P1i even comes with games installed (at least one anyway) unlike the E90 – I actually used Fring on the E90 today for its almost intended purpose, as I was sitting in a cafe, after purposefully leaving the computer in the car, and chatting on Google Talk with both a friend and my fiancé (who was – interestingly enough – far away on the other side of table 😉 ), and its actually quite cool even if incredibly battery draining: in 2 hours of really not intensive chatting I went through almost half of the Nokia’s rather large battery.

Anyway, sorry for the eclectic post – I’ve moved the blog to Amazon EC2 service and I’m going on a 3 week army reserve duty on Sunday. It might take a while until you see this new post as I’ve just changed the DNS entries a couple of hours ago (I really missed SSH on the E90 🙂 ) but once the update runs through you should have access to the new and improved (virtual) server that would hopefully be much faster.

  1. What danger? oooh – another silly app that just shows a different picture when you shake the phone. Seriously – it looks like the company only operates at 50% efficiency now. []
  2. Also – initially I though that I’m lacking a TAB key, but apparently its very easy to graffiti any char you’re missing on the keyboard, and surprisingly enough – also TAB []

US woman says Ubuntu can’t access the internet

Or so the article on The Register goes. Aside from populist titling, this story actually demonstrates what hurdles Linux has to go through in order to be accepted as a Desktop Operating System, and considering the size of the task I might as well retract my stand on the subject – yes, Linux is not yet ready as a Desktop OS for the general populace.


מתכון – מרק סלרי וקולוראבי

סתם התחשק לי מרק הערב, ואין שום קשר לכך שחורף. בד”כ אני עושה משהו על בסיס אבקת מרק מוכן אבל הפעם לא התחשק לי, אז הנה משהו שהמצאתי:
למה ? כי היה לי סלרי וקולוראבי במקרר ואם לא הייתי עושה איתם משהו הם היו נזרקים לפח בקרוב. שימו לב שההכנה יכולה לקחת הרבה זמן – אפילו שעתיים.


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