Never let a Mac user design your website, here’s why:

Well, at least until the entire world uses high DPI screens. Lets see an example:

Pulsing button (video)

This is a “call to action” effect on a button – it pulses slightly to get attention. This has proven to be really effective at improving “conversion” (web term to “getting you to do that thing I want you to do”). But even if you are not a designer at heart its easy to see that the text in the button is pulsing at different speeds and this creates a really jarring effect.


More Internet Explorer Funny Behaviors

Sometimes, when you try to develop things that work in Internet Explorer, you get to a point where you can just scratch your head and wonder “what the he*$ where they thinking of?!?”. This is one of those cases:

This is in Internet Explorer 8 when set to IE7 mode, but this is very faithful to the original as I’ve tested it on a real IE7 and it behaves the same. What happens here is that when you scroll the page down, all absolutely positioned elements (the two “combo boxes” which are a custom UI widget and the text “Dimensions:… at the top right corner”) get pulled down a few pixels. When you scroll up, they get put back in the correct place.


I had to get on the CAPTCHA bandwagon

Blog spamming was never something that a blogger can ignore, but the problem of comment spam had mostly been taken care of by Akismet which works incredibly well – lately it have let through only a few false negatives a month.

Registration spamming on the other hand is rather new – I’ve been getting a lot of these (several hits a day) only in the last half a year or so. I’m still not sure what they are trying to do – its not like registered user are exposed to less strict spam checking and even Akismet false negatives do not show up on the site: I have to approve 1st time commenters by hand, so comment spamming basically just spams the administrator.


Google may harm your computer, according to Google

Running any search on, at the moment, including searching for “google” may come up with all results marked This site may harm your computer:

Google may harm your computer


Linux no longer Adobe’s least important platform!

Quite the contrary it seams: Adobe to release Flash 64bit first on Linux. True it is only the beta version, and the MS-Windows and Mac OS-X 64bit versions will follow shortly1, but still this demonstrates some serious commitment to Linux as an equal player in the desktop operating system market!

All we need now is Photoshop for Linux and we’re set 🙂

Installing the 64Bit flash plugin for Linux is painless although requires some command line experience:

  1. i.e. its been almost two weeks since the Linux release and there is no Windows version yet []

ועוד דפדפן

בחדשות היום, גוגל עושים את המהלך המתבקש ועומדים להוציא דפדפן חדש – “כרום”.

לפני יותר משלוש שנים גוגל שכרו את בן גודגר, המפתח הראשי של Firefox. ברור שגוגל מעוניינים להעסיק מפתחים ברמה גבוהה כמו גודגר, אבל די היה ברור שלגוגל גם עניין בשוק הדפדפנים, ותמיד טוב לאסוף אנשים שכבר עשו את זה (זה חוסך את הצורך לבנות גרסה 1.0 כדי לזרוק אותה), ואכן בן גודגר היה מפתח מוביל בפיתוח של הדפדפן החדש של גוגל, כפי שאפשר לקרוא בקומיקס שגוגל הוציאו לכבוד הדפדפן החדש.

אבל זה לא מה שבאמת מעניין בהכרזה הנוכחית, (more…)

Some interesting web statistics

In my work, I recently got to have a look (and run some statistics) on a world-class major web site (I’m not going to disclose the name, and if you know what I’m talking about then please don’t mention it in the comments – I’m not allowed to talk about it and so can’t you).

As I though it would be mighty interesting to find out what the normal internet users out there are using – not just “on my very technical and geek oriented web site I have 70% Firefox users on Linux” – here goes nothing.


ICANN new gTLD system will brandize the internet

I’ve yet to comment on ICANN’s new plan for the internet’s so called “top level domain names” (.com, .net, etc’), and I think a very important future aspect of it was overlooked by most critics.

ICANN are planning to open up the process for adding new top level domains1 to the point where anyone can request to register new top level domains – even in a non-latin script.

Many commenters agree that implementing this suggestion would cause an explosion in the available and used top level domains, and as a result also the number of actual domains registered, which can also be a bad thing – for example, domains named after common file extensions (Firefox.exe anyone?), for specific fringe interest groups or a top level domain per city (The .nyc domain for New York City seems to be the most coordinated).


  1. following the previous expansion of list of generic top level domains where 7 new top level domains were introduced []

Firefox 3 updates

I updated the Foxkeh button – Mozilla Japan did it again, check out the Firefox 3 button at the bottom right (and get it here).

Also, check out Foxkeh blog for wallpapers and other cute Foxkeh stuff.


Firefox 3 download day is upon us at last!

All hands – man those browser download buttons!

Anyway, please head over to Mozilla to download Firefox 3 which was released a scant two hours ago. Also try to refresh the main page a couple of times – its fun 🙂 .

Here should also go a link to Spread Firefox’s world record page, but they seem to have crashed in the ongoing commotion. To cut a long story short, Mozilla are trying to break the world record for the most downloads in 24 hours of a single application (monitored and supervised by Guniess World Records). I did my share, what about you ?


Firefox 3 download day concluded with well over 8 million downloads. The exact figure is still not released as the Guiness World of Records people have to sign on it.

Looking at the local scale – downloads just in the middle east, Israel had tens of thousands of downloads, in the middle east only Iran and Turkey has more downloads. Interestingly enough, Iran has more then twice the amount of downloads as Russia, weird.

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