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Pictures from Ireland

I’ve started uploading the pictures from the Ireland trip Karen and me took on October (after I gave up on getting all the pictures arranged and labeled with Karen’s help). Look for them in the “October, 2008” album (you can access the gallery quickly using the big “Pictures” tab at the top).

Not everything has yet uploaded (less then half at this time) and what has went up may be out of order so take care when navigating through the photos. One reason to upload it now is that I’m going on reserves duty on Sunday and that is sure to generate a lot more new photographs – it seems that I only practice photography these days on two occasions: either when I’m abroad or in the army (which for some reason at least one of my coworkers keep confusing the two 🙂 ).

Updated: all the pictures were uploaded – a bit less then what I expected: after initial pruning we are at about 1400 pictures, and possibly there are still some redundant pictures that I need to remove. The pictures should be mostly in the correct order, except for the problem that we were using two cameras whose timestamps are a few hours off – so the Powershot pictures should always be after all of the Nikon pictures.

בחזרה מאירלנד

[פוסט מתוארך אחורנית, כי אני חמור – חזרתי מאירלנד ומאז לא כתבתי כלום]

אז זהו סוף הטיול שלנו באירלנד – נכון שקצת anti-climatic, אבל זה מה יש 🙂 הנה מה שקרה:


תקציר האירועים עד כה

אני נורא אצלן ואין לי כוח לכתוב את כל הסיפור, אז הנה תקציר האירועים לאחר הפוסט האחרון של קרן, כדי שנזכור מה עשינו (ובעברית כדי לעשות לקרן את החיים קשים, כמובן 😉 ).


עדכון מהחזית

אנחנו מפשלים לאחרונה ולא מעדכנים את הבלוג (אין זמן – אנחנו נוסעים ממקום למקום ומנסים להספיק את הכל), אבל הנה עדכון מהיר לכל קוראי העברית:

אתמול היינו במשתה בסגנון ימי הביניים בטירת בונראטי (Bunratty), שהיא טירה משוחזרת מהמאה ה-15 (הטירה היתה הרוסה חלקית ובשנת 1957 מיליונר אירי קנה אותה ושחזר אותה בשיתוף עם הממשלה). בטירה עושים כל ערב משתה לאורחים (בתשלום כמובן) בסגנון המאה ה-15 כולל קבלת פנים, נגנים וזמרים וכמובן אוכל בכלים מסורתיים – בלי סכו”ם :-).

בסוף הארוחה קמתי והצעתי לקרן נישואים, והיא הסכימה ! 🙂 !

אז זהו זה, וצפו לעדכונים בהמשך (הרבה בהמשך..)

Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

Or, in this case, Oded does..

We were walking around taking pictures – then Oded picks up his foot to take a step and leaves the *entire sole of his shoe* on the ground.. Arg!

So today is shopping and laundry.. A real post about what we’ve done and how things are going will *probably* be tonight when I am in the right headspace to post..

Hope everyone’s having loads of fun!


There’s a Goose Alseep in the Rain!


Lots of silly sheep – most of them wet and scrawny, probably because of the wet – over in the Gap of Dunloe which we started our day in.. It’s amazing how even on a gray, wet, miserable day with fog, the Gap is still amazingly gorgeous! And has lots of sheep.. Silly sheep.. Including the one brilliant sheep standing in the middle of the road right after a turn.. “Baa!” it said to us when we saw it.. “Get off the road, silly sheep!” we told it back.. Then we flashed our lights at it and it turned around and started running – down the road we needed to take.. So we chased a silly sheep down the road for a few minutes, while the sheep was getting more and more stressed, until it finally left the road and we passed it..

Rainy Grays


Yesterday was one of those days where the only thing you really want to do is curl up with hot chocolate and a book.. Weather outside was sleepy weather – misty rain and several shades of gray.. Not the best time to visit Muckross House and Gardens – or any other part of Killarney’s National Park.. We took a jaunt car – which is a horse and buggy type contraption – which was lots of fun, and toured the Muckross House, which is interesting and beautiful. We *tried* to walk around a little, but I was in a slightly miserable mood and it was *wet*, so we didn’t get much exploring done.. Did see Torc Waterfall, which is beautiful.

Oh, Blarney!

Hugs, everyone!

Alright, so the first thing we learned today is that Powershowers have better water pressure than the alternative, but it’s still not really fun to wash my hair in it.. It’s just barely tolerable..

The second thing we learned is that try as we might (and try we do), we’re not really equipped to start the day earlier than 10.. Oh, well.. I hope that if we shower at night instead of planning to do so in the morning, we’ll be better able to get out after breakfast, around 9-9:30..

You get what you pay for

In this case, compliments to Avis. We rented a car from Avis in London. Now, they’re by far the most expensive car rental company we came across this entire trip, but they’re also the only ones willing to let us take an English car into Ireland.. In hindsight, this was a *very bad idea* and we really should have skipped the ferry, taken a flight to Dublin and rented a car there.. That being said, the car is great and they are the only ones who would let us take their car across..

Ireland trip – Day 4

Hugs everyone!

Looks like I’m going to write much more than I’m going to manage to post.. Internet not being readily available (and us having problems convincing the computer to connect to the cellphone..)

I remember now why Castleview Farms isn’t a good place to stay – there is *absolutely no water pressure* and very little hot water.. It was exceedingly *not fun* to wash my hair there – nor did I enjoy tepid to cold water while doing so..

I hope this new place has decent water pressure.. Otherwise, I’m not going to suggest sleeping here either, even though they serve porridge with breakfast! 🙂

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.. Cahir Castle is a great place to get to know castle life.. (more…)